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Sand carved engraved, not just a laser or chemical etch, but deeply engraved, a difference that you can feel and see.
Will not fade away or rub off like painted glassware.

• Lead Free Crystal
• Dishwasher Safe - recommend hand washing
• 5 oz. capacity
• 4 5/8 inch tall
• Recommended for enjoying whisk(e)y neat or with a splash of spring water.
• We do not recommend the use of whisk(e)y rocks or stones in these crystal glasses as there is potential to scratch or crack them.
Thanks to Ryan - /u/drbhrb for his initial intrest and contact and Ian - /u/EMoneysc2 for his continued work on bringing the /R/BOURBON Glencairn Glass to realization. Cheers!

The /R/BOURBON Glencairn Glass
The Glencairn Glass is considered by the whisk(e)y industry and enthusiasts worldwide to be the premier
whisk(e)y glass for enjoying single malts, whisk(e)y and bourbon, of all types.

    Qty 1 - /R/BOURBON Glencairn Glass - $12.92 + $8.50 shipping = $21.42    

    Qty 2 - /R/BOURBON Glencairn Glass - $25.84 + $12.00 shipping = $37.84    

    Qty 4 - /R/BOURBON Glencairn Glass - $51.68 + $15.50 shipping = $67.18    

    Qty 6 - /R/BOURBON Glencairn Glass - $77.52 + $19.40 shipping = $96.92    

    Qty 8 - /R/BOURBON Glencairn Glass - $103.36 + $23.28 shipping = $126.64    

    Qty 10 - /R/BOURBON Glencairn Glass - $129.20 + $23.36 shipping = $152.56    

    Qty 12 - /R/BOURBON Glencairn Glass - $155.04 + $23.66 shipping = $178.70    

    Qty 18 - /R/BOURBON Glencairn Glass - $232.56 + $26.15 shipping = $258.71    

    Qty 24 - /R/BOURBON Glencairn Glass - $310.08 + $29.47 shipping = $339.55    

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 • Custom engraved glassware are non-returnable, non-refundable.
 • A note about crystal, you can expect some minor bubbles and swirls that are inherent to crystal.
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