Jacobyte Glasses

The Jacobite Dram or Toasting Glass arose out of the Jacobite Uprisings of 1688-1745, which coincidently is within some of the historical period of Diana Gabaldon’s novel, Outlander. The original glass was created to toast allegiance to the then hopeful return of the Stuart monarchy, thru the efforts of Prince Charles Edward Stuart and his mainly Scottish Highland followers. Originals now sell for the equivalent of thousands of dollars at auction. This modern reproduction of the glass has been created by Glencairn Crystal, Co., East Kilbride, Scotland and is engraved by Cobhthaigh Celtique, LLC of the USA, using the sand carve method of engraving. This stunning glass is available in traditional, unengraved and semi-custom and custom engraved styles. Raise a glass and toast Scotland, a great country, culture and people, many of whom must be accredited with our own country’s independence and success as a nation.

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