Zoomorphic Alphabet

The Mac Eanruig Designs – Zoomorphic Font

Each initial is part of our Celtic Zoomorphic Font created by Kelsey Henderson of MacEanruig Designs for Cobhthaigh Celtique’s exclusive use. It was created as a contemporary Celtic font similar to that used in the Book of Kells or Durrow.

Sand Carved Engraving Technique vs. Etching

We engrave your custom logo, design or monogram using the deep sand carved engraving technique, NOT with a surface treatment such as laser or chemical etching or screen painting. There is a difference that you can see and feel. After all, the Glencairn Glass is fine lead free or 24% lead crystal, and if you are going to embellish it, why not do it with a method that is worthy of the glass, engraving it instead of just etching it. If comparing, prices for having your glasses embellished please be sure to compare like techniques. Sand carved engraving is the only method that provides the detail and depth of engraving and brings out a luminescence in the crystal. Sand carved engraving is a much more time consuming and individually handmade process than other conventionally offered methods. Laser, chemical and screen etching create a flat, surface frosting and do not provide the clarity, sharpness of detail and brilliance that sand carved engraving provides. Laser etching also technically fractures or chips the crystal and can damage a crystal based glass, so is better for soda lime glass and not crystal glasses.

With the sand carved engraving we can get extremely good results for even detailed logos, artwork and fonts if we start with good vector artwork or transform it to that format. With fonts for initials and monograms we work to improve the existing font, spacing and positioning of the letters until we get a result that is pleasing and balanced on the glassware you choose to engrave.

We are able to engrave initials, monograms and most logos and artwork on the traditional Glencairn Glass, the Cut Crystal Glencairn Glass, the Glencairn Canadian or Mixer Rocks Glass, Iona Pitchers, many other types of beverage glassware, and other glass and optic crystal items suited to this type of engraving and personalization.

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