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Customer Comments for the Glencairn Glass and Cobhthaigh Celtique

Here is a small representation of the kind of customer comments we consistently receive. not just comments, but questions about the glasses, requests for Suggestions for a “break-in” dram, where to go and what to see in Scotland, where to stay, what distilleries offer the best tours, how is it to bike over there, what is the Feis Ile and Islay like…and we can actually answer all these because we have actually experienced most everything we are asked about, and we still get your glasses out the same or next day unless ordered Friday night after 5:00p.m. – we promise! Thanks to everyone who shares with us their enthusiasm for the Glencairn Glasses, Whisky/ey, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, the other Celtic nations, Bourbon Country and great service and caring.

I have received the glasses, and I wanted to thank you for your excellent service. The product arrived in perfect shape. Of course it almost took a bandsaw to open the carton, but this has to be one of the best packaged I’ve ever received. I found your site through a link from a tasting site of sorts, but I can’t remember which. I purchased from your site because it was the only one that seemed to care about the product in it’s use rather than just displaying the product. You are marketing an experience, not a glass…if that makes any sense. M.E., OH 5/10

…But your website and story were just too appealing; additionally, the brother-in-law will really appreciate your nice presentation boxes. Plus you answered my inquiry email at 10:00 p.m. on a Saturday night! Given that, how could I purchase from anywhere else?! K.M., RI 12/09

I found you folks on the web. First off I wanted some Glencairn glasses like we used in Scotland but ordering them direct (from Scotland) was way too much money and time (turnaround time for Cobhthaigh Celtique to WI – 4 days). Looking around the web I found your site and you were the best deal to be had. Keep up the good work and already people at the party asked where I got the glasses. P&E. R., WI 4/10

I chose you mainly because your prices are good and more importantly you look like precisely the sort of operation I like to support. Clearly you are passionate whisky people and not just another online retailer. I have a feeling I’ll be ordering again from you in the future. Thanks!… Hello again! Wanted to let you know that I received my glasses today already and I’m thrilled. They are gorgeous, brilliant clarity and everything I hoped for. I can’t wait for a wee dram tonight! I immediately ordered two more, this time for my dad in NY, who introduced me to the joy of whisky some years ago. Later that night… As I type this I’m sipping a Macallan 18 (1983) out of my new favorite glass. The glass really shows off the color of the whisky and brings those oaky aromas to the nose as the drink approaches your lips. It just plain looks great, simple and elegant… worthy of a fine single malt. A.A. , CO 3/10

I learned of your website searching on line for Scotch whisky glasses. I found the Glencairn and the Riedel most discussed. The description of the shape and function of the Glencairn glass for nosing was more persuasive than the description of the function of the lip of the Riedel glass in directing the pour to the tip of the tongue. Comparison shopping brought me to you and an e-bay seller. You and Mr. e-bay were within pennies on price and he shipped for a few cents less. So, to finally answer your question, I liked your presentation—your enthusiasm for your products and enjoyment of your work comes through. For all I know, Mr. e-bay is laird of the oldest castle in Orkney, but all he offered was glassware. I plan to add a picture and comment to your friends’ page once of gotten the glasses. B.P., MD 1/10

The glasses arrived in great time and great shape. I learned of your website from doing a web search for Glencairn Glasses. I bought my first glasses at Strathisla Distillery in Scotland. Later, I purchsed some from Ebay. I decided to try you guys this time. It seemed like it would be faster and less hassle. Looks like it was. D.N. , CA 12/09

Hello I have purchased from you before. Several Glenmorangie glasses including a couple of rare ones you told me about over the phone. I appreciated the service so when I heard of the cut crystal glasses, I knew where to go to buy them with confidence. J.S. , OH 12/09

Thank you for your kind and informative message. The Glencairn glasses have arrived. They are beautiful works of art, functional and practical, perfect for savoring an Islay single malt on a cold snowy New Hampshire winter evening.In response to your request, I learned of your company from your website after a Google search on “glencairn whisky glasses”. I was intrigued by the Celtic name of your site and so I visited it, and then purchased the glasses. I am glad that I did. I like supporting small independent businesses. A good Scotch is truly one of life’s great pleasures, especially in a Glencairn glass. B.A.,NH 2/10

I chose to order from you because your company appeared very connected and engaged with Glencairn and Scottish heritage in general. You also had great product assortments and availability, and prices were competitive too. I hope to continue doing business with you in the future. S.R., CA 2/10

Thanks Dave. Your glasses have made their way into 4 of my scotch drinking friends homes in India! V.P., CA 12/09

I received my Glencairn glasses in their satin lined gift box yesterday. They arrived perfectly and are beautiful. I’ve enjoyed the ones from my previous order immensely and bought these as a gift for my brother who’ll be the best man in my wedding shortly. I’m sure he’ll love them as well. He’s a bourbon guy, rather than scotch, but the Glencairn glass is great for that too. I know. I’ve tested them personally :^) G.S., CT 4/10

Thanks for your e-mail. My brother and sister-in-law are fans of the Glencairn glasses. I googled Glencairn glasses and found your sight. Your combined cost for the glasses and shipping was the best deal I could find, so I ordered from you. I must say that I was very favorably impressed by the speed with which you got my order on the way to me. I think I was drinking from the glasses three days after I ordered them! I’ve been using a couple small cut glass tumblers until now. The Glencairn glasses are larger than I expected, but my standard ounce and a half drink doesn’t look lost in the glass either. They work as advertised to concentrate the aroma, adding a dimension I haven’t fully appreciated until now. Anyway, I would not hesitate to order from you again. Thanks for the quick service, and the great packaging job. W.P. , WA 3/10

My Glencairn glasses and covers were received today a mere 4 days after they were ordered. Frequently in life, it is possible to be left unfulfilled. Not so with my purchase of the Glencairn glasses. Your website is well laid out, shipping was efficient, the packaging was not only protective but attractive. The Glencairn glasses themselves are fantastic. An example of perfect design, these glasses are a superlative balance of shape, size and aesthetic quality. And it must be said that the lead free glass is better for the environment, the body and I believe, better for the qualities of the scotch. Anyone with an appreciation for single malts should do themselves and their whisky a favor and acquaint themselves with the Glencairn glasses from Cobhthaigh Celtique. J.C., AZ 2/10

I do try to support people who seem to care about what they do as opposed to just a giant superstore although sometimes you have no choice. I would very much like some suggestions as it is difficult to find tiny bottles of higher end scotches to try first. I have tried only a few different things varying from a blend to a single malt. I am not sure which direction i might head. D.B., FL 3/10

Looking forward to the glasses and a Scotch tasting we have planned in a couple of weeks … the glasses will be gifts for our tasting guests !!! In answer to your question below about how I became aware of your site, you came up as the first few hits in a google search for “glencairn glasses”. Your prices are the best, so I went with you !!!! Later… Our glasses arrived today in excellent shape. THANK YOU so much for the gift boxes !!!! That will be a nice touch to send the glasses home in for our guests. We’ll be sure to tuck your card into each box. M.&L.M, WI 3/10

A little history on why/how I ordered them. I have a friend who will shortly be marrying. It is my custom when I really know the groom to buy him something personal, and preferably “manly” since most wedding gifts are directed primarly at the bride. This groom loves a good single malt so, huzzah, I imbarked on a quest to hook him up. I can’t often send copious bucks on good single malts for myself so this was my opportunity to live vicariously. Having made my purchase I realized that the fine bottle of McCallan alone was neither special nor “manly” enough. I searched far and wide on the web for the perfect single malt glass. This led me to Cobhthaigh Celtique and the Glencairn Glass. Perfect form and perfect function. Now the gift was special and the manliness quotient met. I got the groom two nice glasses in a presentation box. By total coincedence my bar now has six new glasses as well. D.B., NC 3/10

I do try to support people who seem to care about what they do as opposed to just a giant superstore although sometimes you have no choice. I would very much like some suggestions as it is difficult to find tiny bottles of higher end scotches to try first. I have tried only a few different things varying from a blend to a single malt. I am not sure which direction i might head. D.B., FL 3/10

Just wanted to let you know that my order arrived today, safe and sound, and just in time for a single malt tasting event at the end of the week. I’ll try to collect a picture to send along during this inaugural event for my set of glassware.
I also wanted to tell you that I simply could not be more pleased with the treatment of my order and for the follow up afterwards. Shopping with you was truly an enjoyable experience. I’ve never much enjoyed shopping, and all too often find it an impersonal affair, fraught with disappointment and problems – my experience with you could not have been farther away, at the positive end of the scale! All of my items arrived well packaged (obviously extra care was taken to individually ensure the safety of each item, with extra packing added by hand), sparkling clean and with none of those impossible to remove labels stuck to them. I’ll be telling everyone at the tasting about my wonderful experience, and they’ll have the chance to see for themselves the difference the glasses make. I could not wait for Friday, so I tried out one of the glasses with the watchglass cover today, using an Ardbeg Uigeadail – the difference the glassware made was simply phenomenal! And I thought I couldn’t love that Ardbeg more than I already did….And to answer your question, I found your site via a Google search. I’ve been looking around for quite some time for the perfect whisky glass, and found several references to the Glencairn glass. Your selections and prices were by far the best I found, and with super fast shipping and delivery, it just doesn’t get any better.

Hi Dave and Marty, I was able to receive the glasses today, they look perfect, I am happy with them. I see you also know some Dutch language too 😉 R.V., NL 3/10 Well, no but we always try to say ”Howdy” or “Cheers” in ones native language, just for fun. Next we learn Gaelic! HA! Maybe not at 50+.

I am getting married on April 3rd, and I was looking for something a little different for my groomsmen. I plan on giving the glasses to them with a toast of something really nice following the Rehearsal Dinner. We will be sure to send you a picture. As for how I found your site, I enjoy Scotch and and had done some research on the Glencairn glasses. Everything I read discussed how perfect these glasses are for bringing out every nuance of a fine Scotch. Your prices are very affordable, compared with other sites that I came across, and that is what drove my decision. I commend you as well for your excellent customer service. J.S. , TN 2/10

My Glencairn glasses and covers were received today a mere 4 days after they were ordered. Frequently in life, it is possible to be left unfulfilled. Not so with my purchase of the Glencairn glasses. Your website is well laid out, shipping was efficient, the packaging was not only protective but attractive. The Glencairn glasses themselves are fantastic. An example of perfect design, these glasses are a superlative balance of shape, size and aesthetic quality. And it must be said that the lead free glass is better for the environment, the body and I believe, better for the qualities of the scotch. Anyone with an appreciation for single malts should do themselves and their whisky a favor and acquaint themselves with the Glencairn glasses from Cobhthaigh Celtique. J.C., AZ 2/10

I found your website after some searching. In my hunt for a set of scotch drinking glasses for my boyfriend, I figured out that I had to get him the Glencairn glass. I found a website called The Glencairn Glass at I clicked “buy now”, then “United States” and you were listed as a seller. Half the links didn’t work, but yours did and your prices and shipping were the best BY FAR. The typical price for four glasses was anywhere from $50.00 to over $100 plus shipping with delivery dates all the way into February. Your prices were so good that I got to buy a nicer gift, so thank you! V.L., VT 12/09

The plan right now is to have about 40 people over to the house. Half of them will imbibe, the other half will watch. We plan on having 3 round with breaks in between. My wife is putting a menu together to match the different single malts. Not sure of all those details just yet, as she is still working in secret 🙂 I am thinking that the first round will be representatives of the big distilleries in Scotland. I am still open to some suggestions if you have any. The second round will be a chance to compare finishes from a single distillery. More suggestions? And then I am going to finish up with a “mystery malt”. I did that trick at my last tasting, and everyone enjoyed it. At that party, I put a dram of Yamazaki in everyone’s glass. They expected Scotland and got Japan. We had some good laughs over that one. Time for something equally as misleading. Are you feeling devious? T.H., VA 2/10

Of course! We love mystery drams and mystery chocolates (Thanks Johannes) at our tastings. M&D

I just wanted to send a quick note to say thanks for the Glencairn glasses. They were packed very well and got here in great shape. This purchase has been a very pleasurable experience and the glasses are a lot like enjoying the lines of a 356 Porsche in that the shape is just so perfect and the performance is just as fun. C.H., ID 2/10

Thanks very much for your quick follow up and nice note. Even with our multiple snow days here in Washington DC area, the glasses arrived for John, my nephew, yesterday. He was very happy with them. FedEx did a great job of letting me know of delivery delays (due to weather) and then when the package was actually delivered. As far as how I found you, I had originally tried to order these glasses before Christmas through Amazon from one of their selling partners but got word on Dec 24th (!) that they were no longer in stock. So I did a Google search on “Glencairn Glasses”, yours was one of the first links listed, you have a nice web site, very good prices so here we are! In fact, I ordered 4 glasses instead of the 2 John had requested because your prices were better than the first vendor’s had been. I have also passed your note on to my nephew also in case he wants to order other merchandise and/or share pictures with you! I will keep this for future references and, hopefully, purchases. B.J., MD 2/10

Friends, my husband and I were out for dinner and at the end of the night, with our cheese plate, the restaurant served port in the Glencairn glass. None of us had seen the glass before and straight away fell in love with them. The next day I surfed the web and your link was listed on the site. We didn’t realize it was truly a whiskey glass, but we’ll be sure to make use of them this way as well! Two glasses for each couple will be my little way of sharing a memory with great friends. M.F., WI 1/10

… So I emailed you and you were so prompt in replying you won my purchase! The glasses arrived two days before Christmas, lovely timing! They are very sweet and my husband was very pleased with them. They have been in much use since. Thank you for all your help, and quick service. L.H., NZ 1/10

Please allow me to extend a very genuine “Thank You” for the most professional customer service. I ordered my first Glencairn glass from you and I can’t even describe the wonderful experience nosing and tasting single malts and bourbons from this glass. Again, your customer service and shipping exceeds all others. M.H., VA 1/10

Received my new glasses last night & they are absolutely wonderful. Thank you for the very prompt turnaround of my order – never expected to receive them so soon. Although I’ve been a blended scotch whisky drinker for many years, the world of single malts consumed “neatly” is a new experience for me. Now I am an addicted convert. I regret I missed out all those many years. I came across some very positive reviews of your business, although I don’t recollect how/where. Your pricing was the best I’ve come across & the hand-painted glasses impressed me along with your other merchandise. Next, I’d like to start a collection of glasses representing some of my favorite distilleries so far. You’ll be hearing from me regularly. J.W.,FL 1/10

What a delightful, personal note from you! An unexpected pleasure given the lack of any personal touch re: other online orders I’ve placed. I found your website via a Google search for “scotch whiskey glasses.” I visited several sites prior to yours, and your price for the Glencairn glasses was the best. I also liked your history and graphics. It might interest you that I was ready to place an order with Gump’s for two Romanian crystal scotch glasses at $75 plus shipping, but when I read the accolades for the Glencairn glass I decided it was the right one. I have single malt afficionadios visiting me soon, and we’ll share the pleasure of drinking from my new glasses. We’ll send a photo. S.S., FL 1/10

This is L.G, and my wife just contacted you guys about a chipped glass. I just received the new glass in the mail…i just wanted to say thanks for your promptness and professionalism! that kind of customer service is getting rarer all the time, so i really want to say thanks for taking care of it. L.G., MA 1/10

I am purchasing these glasses for my husband for our 10th wedding anniversary on the 22nd of January. I have been having such a difficult time trying to think of ANYTHING he could possibly want or need (he’s a very uncomplicated man). I began thinking about glasses for his scotch (his one real/only vice). We have no specific glasses for this purpose. I typed scotch glasses in the search section in yahoo and your site pulled up. I did go to a couple other sites before yours but I liked your site the best. I am SO excited about this gift. It will be absolutely perfect. These glasses and his favorite bottle and he’ll be in heaven. So, thank you again. I’ll try to get some pictures your way of our Anniversary Celebration with him using the glasses and enjoying his drink. H.M. AZ 1/10

Good day. I hope this e-mail finds you happy, healthy, and very busy. As I said when I placed my first order, there would be others, I placed my second earlier today. Thanks for being in business. I really like your “stuff”. MERRY CHRISTMAS W.Y., TN 12/09

I received the Glencairn Whisky glasses yesterday and they arrived in perfect condition. Thank you for packing them so well! I decided to use your store because I felt the both of you were more personal and passionate about your products. Plus, I prefer to support smaller operations when possible. I definitely will be purchasing more Glencairn Whisky Glasses in the near future from you both. Thanks again for the timely shipment and great care! L.H., NY 1/10

On Christmas eve, I put out several nice bottles of whiskey and both of my whiskey glasses. I was just stunned when ALL the men present immediately poured themselves whiskey. I realised then I had a shortage of whiskey glasses so I surfed the net. Your site had a great value and I loved being able to order the water pitcher at the same time. M.G., OR 1/10

Thanks for the response, I’m looking forward to receiving the glasses. (2 of them are for me) Thanks for the refund on the shipping, I was wondering how that was going to work. I will be considering buying more glasses in the future, and it’s always good to get things off on the right foot. The gift box set is for my friend’s birthday this weekend, and I am planning on giving him a nice bottle of Scotch. I’m not a whiskey expert, so if you have any recommendations, I’d appreciate it! I was fishing for some clues with him earlier, and he said he was a fan of single malt and particularly whiskeys of the Lowland. I don’t mind spending $100-200 for a bottle, as long as I can be confident he’ll like. I intend on going to a few Spirit shops this week and ask for some recommendations from them, but I figured you guys might be able to help me too. As far as finding your site, I did a google search for glencairn glasses, and stumbled upon this forum and read several people having high praises for your glasses. After reading that thread, I saw your site pop up on a few other discussions on a number of interent forums, all with good things to say. G.S., PA 1/10

And even thru the holidays…

Dave: It was great talking with you yesterday. Thanks again for your great service. I’ve surfed around your website a couple times so far, you’ve done a great job. The follow-ups are first class and I’ve already passed your link on to a few friends. I’ve bookmarked your site, so I’ll be visiting often. D.P. and see below

That in response to Dave’s followup from a phone call: Thank you again for the call and the complements. Getting feedback means so much to us. Our wee business and what we have to offer, is much more to us than just selling “stuff” on the internet. There are plenty of these companies out there, and we hope that we don’t come across as such. One thing that I thought of after hanging up, was a little book that is great for Single Malt “novices” to experts. We have it to sell or it’s available on Amazon. One of these days when I have time I will get it on our web site. It was written by the fellow who hosts the “Scotch Blog”, Kevin Erskine, it’s title is “Instant Experts Guide to Single Malt Scotch”. One story I like to tell; for a long time I’ve enjoyed something with my whisky, that I thought might seem kind of strange. So when I was first reading Kevin’s book, I got to page 51, the last paragraph; “Chocolate, cheese, and smoked salmon are three things which go well with single malt Scotch Whisky. As for me, I recommend a good chocolate chip cookie as an accompaniment to just about any whisky.” WOW! I thought, I’m not alone, and I can talk about it. Really, if you haven’t tried chocolate with your whisky, do, and try a good dark chocolate. Take a wee bit, sit it on your tongue to melt a little, take a small taste of your whisky and let the two mix in your mouth. Then try a good chocolate chip cookie. D.P., CT 12/09

Thank you for the shipping info, I’ll be keeping an eye out for the package now! My Scotch (one of your suggestions!) should be delivered this week too! An early Christmas for me! I got connected to your website one of 2 ways: either a Bing search (I don’t ‘google’ anymore!), or a pointer from the Scotch Chix site. Frankly I don’t remember anymore! Maybe both. I probably saw the glasses originally from the chix, but didn’t do anything about it, then thought about doing a search sometime later, finally purchasing from you. I wish I could give you a better answer, but that’s the best I’ve got now!I do hope to hear from you soon regarding visiting Scotland again next year. I’m getting very excited about this chance, and hope that maybe we could meet up! Although I’m not shy about traveling on my own, it’s much better when you know people who DO know the better places to go (and where to avoid!) I will try to arrange my trip to be the end of May to beginning of June time frame, which I think is the same time you two will be there. I really don’t have any kind of itinerary just yet, but seeing some of the distilleries, castles, Glasgow and Edinburgh are definitely “on the list”! Would also like to see if I can get a genuine kilt made there! Do you rent bikes while you are there, or bring your own? Any hints or tips would be greatly appreciated! P.M., CA 12/09

I found your website after some searching. In my hunt for a set of scotch drinking glasses for my boyfriend, I figured out that I had to get him the Glencairn glass. I found a website called The Glencairn Glass at I clicked “buy now”, then “United States” and you were listed as a seller. Half the links didn’t work, but yours did and your prices and shipping were the best BY FAR. The typical price for four glasses was anywhere from $50.00 to over $100 plus shipping with delivery dates all the way into February. Your prices were so good that I got to buy a nicer gift, so thank you! V.L., VT 12/09

I was searching the web to buy whiskey glasses, and your site came highly recommended, though I don’t remember exactly by whom. Your prices are great, and I was also very pleased with your quick and personal response to questions that I had. M. V., OR 12/09

I received my Glencairn glasses, and they look great. I can’t wait to try them out with a dram of Ardbeg this evening. To answer your question below, I learned of your website simply by searching for these glasses online. I purchased from Cobhthaigh Celtique for several reasons:

You had the best price of all the sellers I could find.
Like you, I appreciate traditional Celtic heritage and have a soft spot for things Irish, Scottish, and Welsh. I admire that you are able to go to those beautiful, timeless places.
Your website was informative. I can tell you enjoy what you do.
I like to buy from small American businesses.
Your testimonials were very complimentary.
I appreciate how well the glasses were packaged. Everything looks great. Thanks again. God bless you, and Merry Christmas. A.E. , SC 12/09

I just received my package of 2 Glencairn glasses, water jug and watch glass covers and I could not be happier. I will admit that I was a bit worried the glasses may get damaged in transit but your conscientious and thorough packaging kept my glassware safe and left me suitably impressed. I could feel the care you guys take in each order the instant I opened the box! From the handwritten thank you to the artfully put together box complete with silver ribbon and a blurb about the glassware I could feel your personal touch. In addition shipping was speedy – only 5 business days to cross the country! I know any additions to our Glencairn collection will come from your store and I will definitely recommend your site to others. E.P., FL 12/09

I ordered glasses back in early Nov. for Chris in DC and for me. You were prompt and we enjoyed using them immediately. THANK YOU! Now, I need to get a set of 4 to my son-in-law in Germany. He has an APO address; do you ship to APO? If not, I will order for shipment to me and just send them along. R.H., KY/VA/APO 12/09 You bet we do!

I really enjoyed your website. It was a lot of fun to explore all of the pages and see all the photos from your travelings. I was extremely excited when I found your site a few days ago. I had been looking for the perfect Christmas gift for a few of my close friends. We have just started getting into tasting scotch and was really impressed with the Glencairn Glass. I first saw these on an amazon listing when I searched for whiskey glasses but I knew better than to order from the first vendor I saw. I searched around and was about to order from another site but decided to hold of until the following day to make sure I really wanted to make a purchase (I had just had some car trouble and my wallet was feeling a little light after the repairs). I ended up going to the official Glencairn Glass and looked at the listed venders for North America. Your site was one of 5 I believe. After looking at all the sites I felt that yours was the most outstanding vender. I read through your customer reviews and was pleased to see all the positive comments. I was glad I could find a smaller, more customer friendly vender (and your price could not be beat! Although I believe I would have ordered regardless) that made me feel safe about an online transaction. I can’t thank you enough for giving me the perfect gift for a few whiskey loving friends of mine. I look forward to receiving these glasses in the mail. Thanks again and Happy Holidays T.B., NY 12/09

I read a great review of both the Glencairn glass and your customer service on this site: I’d like to order 4 or 6 of your Traditional Lead Free Crystal Glencairn Glasses. They are the kind we used in the distilleries of Islay and Speyside when we were there recently and we liked them very much. Your site says to contact you to ask about shipping to countries other than the USA. Could you give me your prices for shipping to Canada, please? K.I-B., Canada, 8/15/09

Thank you so much! When I pass on your website info I will be sure to say how terrific the customer service is! S.F.P., WA 8/12/09

First read about the Glencairn whisky glasses on a distilled spirits forum years ago. On a subsequent trip to Scotland, I brought four home. Glad to find your site selling them at a reasonable price here in the US. I’ve recommended your company to others. Than you for your service. J.G.F, ID 7/29/09

…thanks for taking the time to send this update (re: glasses sent as gift). The personal touch speaks volumes for your shop. T.M., (to MI) 7/3/09

I found your web site through I was looking for some blogs, reviews, etc on the Glencairn glass before I actually bought the glasses. What they said about the glasses really convinced me that these are the glasses that I wanted to buy. .. My friend and his brother are the two that introduced me to scotch about a year ago and they both love scotch as do I so I decided to get them some nice glasses for their single malts. My friend’s brother just got home from tour with the marines in Iraq and this is going to be a welcome home gift for him. T.W., KS 6/29/09

Thanks a bunch for your speedy shipping and superior customer service. My glasses arrived in impeccable condition and have already begun to delight my senses. B.C., TX 6/26/09

Wow! That is the most wonderful customer service I’ve ever received! Thank you so much! My husband loved the glasses and was very surprised by them. Thank you again for all your help! I’ll be sure to pass your site on to all our friends. And I hope to be back to get myself a piece of that lovely Heathergem jewelry! D.S.D., GA 6/24/09

You had the best prices, which I might add included the glass tops which were not offered by others on the list. Also, I enjoyed reading about your store and found it refreshing that it was your business and not a big corporation. A.P., AZ 6/17/09

I just received my order of Glencairn glasses and they are excellent–now my favorite sipping glasses and probably the best nosing experience to date. Well packaged as well. J.S., NH 5/19/09

I was recently introduced to the world of single malt scotch by Monique Huston and the monthly tastings she holds at the Dundee Dell, here in Omaha, NE. I felt that the glassware I had at home wasn’t ideal and I began looking for ideas on the web. When I came across your excellent site, I knew that I didn’t need to look any further. I’ll be sure to keep up with your other offerings. Your beautiful photos of Scotland are making me rethink our next vacation destination! B.S.,NE 5/11/09

I think that you have a great website. I am very interested in many of the products you offer. I am expecting my order to arrive this afternoon and am eagerly awaiting the opportunity to use the glasses this evening. I just got back from Scotland last Sunday. I had a great time. Went to Islay and visited my favorite whisky distillery, Laphroaig. Also made stops at Lagavullin, Ardbeg and Bowmore. I bought one Glencairn glass at Laphroaig and like it very much and decided that I wanted more, hence my search for more glasses. which ultimately led me to your site via the internet. Hope to become a regular at your site. S.F., CO 5/8/09

…I had already bought 4 of them through Amazon, then found them a bit cheaper through you. I am buying four more because like everyone else, after drinking single malt scotch from them, they have become the only glass I would ever want to use. I really do love those glasses. In fact, I am spreading the word to every whisky drinker that I encounter about them. They make drinking scotch the epitome of consuming alcohol. L.E., MN 5/1/09

I was looking on the internet for some Glencairn glasses to give as a gift to a friend of mine who enjoys a wee dram or five (like myself) and came upon your web site. I would rather purchase from someone who by all indications also likes a wee dram or five as opposed to some nameless “glass” vendor that may not really understand the purpose or use of any particular drinking vessel. J.S.K., WA 4/30/09

I received my glasses today and am very happy with them. I found your website after doing a google search. Yours was not the first site I looked at, but it was the best in terms of pricing and options. L.A-B., CA 4/30/09

I had a great time last night at the whisky tasting. Today I bought a bottle of the 15 year old Laphroaig and look forward to putting the glasses to good use. I’ve been looking for a pair of nice glasses for the single malts and your prices are quite reasonable. My favorite scotch is Lagavulin, but I imagine the glasses will work well for that too 🙂 My wife and I were planning a trip this year with S*** (you met him last night) and his wife, L***, to Scotland (and England to visit my wife’s relatives) this year for our 30th anniversary, but are deferring it a year due to the current uncertain economic times. So I get a bit of it vicariously via your web site 🙂 P.L., CO 4/29/09

I learned about your site from a link at Duke of Perth’s website (in Chicago). Also, Lagavulin is my favorite. Do you have any recommendations that might be good scotches to try if one is a Lag lover? I don’t tend to like sweet or buttery whisky.

… Hi folks! My glasses arrived today. Perfection. Can’t wait to show them off. Is it my imagination or does it really improve the nose on my Laphroaig 15? (I had to give them a test drive!). S.N., IL 4/15/09

I became interested in Scotch recently when a neighbor bought me the Balvenie Doublewood. I loved it and felt that I better get the right glass for it. I came across your website when I was searching for purchasing the Glencairn glass. Your price was very good, but the real selling point was your very thorough response to my question regarding the etchings on the glass. D.D., PA 3/31/09

I have shared the site with a few friends and I will have a bunch of friends over when the glasses arrive for another tasting at my home. One of my future purchases will probably be the leather carrying case of the Glencairn Glasses. D.P., NY 3/23/09

I recently joined a tasting group that meets monthly. That was the inspiration for me to Google Glencairn Glasses. Your site was the first on the list and after, checking several others, was the most reasonable not to mention best looking site.I now have a set of six Glencairn nosing glasses so that I can invite more than one friend at a time to have a wee dram. T.H., MI 3/4/09

Wow was that a quick delivery. Bravo! Sure love the look, feel and function of my Glencairn glasses! They blow my Riedel’s away. Love the “advertising” w/the name @ the bottom of these glasses. Enjoying the heck out of the Balvenie! Found your site thru Google while looking for something better than the Riedel’s. Mission accomplished! I will be ordering gifts real soon. D.I., OH 2/20/09

I just wanted to send an email to thank you for providing such incredible service. My glencairn glasses arrived safe and sound within a few days of placing my order. I’m not one to send “thank you” emails for orders, this is probably the first, but I was really impressed with the speedy delivery. After having a dram of my favorite single malt, Laphroaig 10 year scotch, I realized how much a difference these glasses make! I initially just wanted the glasses out of a sense of novelty (I’ve always drank scotch out of tumblers and armagnac out of a brandy snifter). It’s nice to have a glass designed for the specific qualities of single malt scotch. Thank you for providing these glencairn glasses at such a low price and also for the amazingly fast shipping. I’ll definitely recommend your company to friends. J.S., IL 2/15/09

…Your prices seemed reasonable and it appears that your service has a personal touch that is lacking in many online businesses. Slainte! J.F.,RI 2/13/09

How I came to find you is, on the History Channel’s Modern Marvels were 3 programs called distilleries 1, 2 and the history of whiskey. In the programs they were using your glasses. “The Brandy Library” used another type more pear shape with no base. I Googled “Crystal nosing glasses” and you came up. I liked yours better because it didn’t have a logo to interfere with the viewing of the Scotch. It was ingenious that Glencairn put their logo in the base. Neat. Your prices were the best and your correspondence and ease of ordering was great. I lift my new Glencairn glasses to you and rest assured there will be many happy occasions toasted with them. L.B., AL 2/7/09

Thank you for your personalized service. I just wanted to drop you a note to say the glasses arrived with Thursday’s mail. They are exactly as I expected, in fact I am enjoying a nice single malt as I write this note. It’s cold and rainy here in southern California, so that just adds to the experience, just like my time spent in Scotland and Ireland. In the past I have been one of those who drank their whisky from a cut crystal “on-the-rocks” glass over ice. I tried using a brandy snifter one time, but I just felt like I was drinking a nice cognac. This is the ultimate experience. Thanks again and I am looking forward to doing business with you again as that water pitcher is calling me. E.A., CA 2/6/09 Then on 2/7/09 E.A. wrote: Well, I succumbed to the temptation and ordered the Iona Water Jug AND two more of the Glencairn glasses. Why I need four glasses as I’m the only one in my home that drinks whisky, I don’t know, but I guess you cannot have enough fine things.

My first dram of single malt whisky was enjoyed from the glass I bought from you guys. All I’d had before was bourbon and Irish whiskey, so I did some research and just bought a bottle of The Balvenie Doublewood today. Just this evening I enjoyed my first dram ever in the glass designed for whisky, and it was amazing. A.C., RI 1/31/09

I was in Barnes & Noble yesterday to pick up a couple of books that I wanted. I was looking through the magazine section and saw Whisky magazine. I don’t know how I’ve missed it for ten years, being that I’m a great lover of good whisky (and whiskey), so I bought a copy. There were several photos of the glasses, and a small ad for I looked at the links from there, and liked yours the best. You seem to be my kind of people! I don’t care for a lot of flash; I just want good, basic information and merchandise. And you can be sure I’ll keep coming back to your web site. It’s nice to meet you! W.S., GA 1/29/09

Although chronologically I much older than some of the well “aged” malts that I’ve read about, I’m a new comer to the world of whisky and whiskey’s. Of course, I have a beginner’s enthusiasm and enjoy learning more about these fascinating spirit/s. While at the local “Barnes & Noble” I purchased a rare copy of “Whisky Magazine” and spotted an advertisement for Glencairn Glass. Since starting on my whisky journey, I have been searching for the appropriate vessel to enhance those special occasions and Glencairn Glass seemed perfect. The Glencairn website offered six websites and Cobhthaigh Celtique was the most personal and interesting site to choose from. Besides having an attractive site your company also has a variety of offerings, very competitive prices and your passion for the Glass and drink come completely through. I hope to continue to patronize your business in the future. H.T., CA 1/14/09

The gift is for my boyfriend who is a single malt scotch fan and is building a bar/entertainment area in his basement. The gift is an anniversary present, so I thought the box would be cool as a display item in the bar area and act as a subtle reminder. We often find “unique” things to remind us of memorable occasions and trips. Wow, WV is not the last at something that in itself is something to brag about. I have already started spreading the word about your site, of course once I get the glasses I will have a story with results to share with friends, family, co-workers, and anyone else I may see. I also enjoy the thought of being a “trailblazer” for WV. (M was the first purchaser of glasses from West Virginia from Cobhthaigh Celtique. North Dakota was the last holdout and since has reached “statehood” on our Glencairn Glass Sales Around the World Map) M.F., WV 1/9/09

Glasses arrived in fine shape. We are very pleased with them, especially the “Thistle”.
Some friends and I were enjoying some premium whiskey in our favorite smoking lounge. When the drinks were served, they were in the Glencairn Whiskey Glass. Impressed, I asked about them and was shown the name in the bottom of the glass. My wife later fed the name into the Internet and your site popped up. A few other options came up but they (including Wine Spectator) did not show the value you presented. I plan to give the unpainted ones as gifts to my friends after I have their names engraved.K.W., WA 1/6/09

Glasses arrived today in perfect condition. Didn’t know there was a stencil on the bottom of the glass, it is a really nice touch (etched Glencairn Glass -mark of authenticity). I will “test” the glasses tonight. If you get an email tomorrow it will mean I did not like the glasses. If you do not get an email tomorrow it means I like the glasses alot and I have a huge hangover. (We never heard from him again. He must have really liked them!) C.S., WA 1/5/09

Hi Dave and Marty – Thanks for the great service and email information. I also saw the FedEx update email confirming my order is in transit. First, to answer your question about how I heard about you: Your website was one of the top search results for buying Glencairn glasses. But, since you were unknown to me at that point, after searching more, I kept finding over and over folks in message boards, etc, recommending you. So, apparently you have a great following. Plus, it was a bonus that you were a Colorado store, & it felt good to support a local business. See below for a couple referral links I found:

Variation #179 of Eilean Donan Castle Dusk Dornie, Inverness-shire, Scotland

Second, thanks for the info about your offerings, & I enjoy your site sharing your travel adventures to the UK. I can’t wait to enjoy my new Lagavulin with the soon to arrive glasses. E.M.,CO 1/5/09

I was looking for a great set of glasses primarily for scotch and was largely disappointed by what was available in stores (to include fine department stores like Macy’s etc). I was about ready to purchase some of the Riedel (spelling) whiskey/whisky glasses when I found the Glencairn on ebay. Took the glencairn name to google and then found your site. I bookmarked you site and then – by pure freak coincidence found that Binny’s Liquor carries the Glencairn Glasses. I bought two to give them a try and was delighted to find they actually liberated a few of my finer whiskys. Ordering from you was a no-brainer. Half the glasses are for myself while the other half are for a buddy. I plan to purchase a couple for my Father-in-Law in the future. T.H., IL 12/29/08

I “googled” Glencairn and found the company’s webpage. That is where I was directed to your site. I was completely sold when I saw that you would ship to APO!! I APPRECIATE you SO much for shipping to APO! I’ll speak for all Servicemen/women stationed overseas when I say “Thank you, Thank you” for shipping to APO! I look forward to checking out your site frequently for new additions! You are bookmarked as one of my favorites! M.S. APO-Germany 12/23/08

Thank you for the prompt service. I obtained your website from in a post by boss302. (My wife) always has a hard time thinking of something to get me so I took the pressure off her by ordering your fine glasses. Your photos are beautiful. C.P., CA 12/22/08

My wife (bless her heart) bought me a bottle of Balvenie Thirty for Christmas. I just couldn’t see drinking it from a shot glass. After identifying that the Glencairn glass was the optimal vessel for my elixir I searched on the name and found a few sites that sold them, including some e-bay sellers. For some reason, your site struck me as very personal and I decided to stop looking and buy from you rather than searching by price (although I felt that your price was quite competitive). Nevertheless, I liked the personal feeling I got. That said, I’m impressed now with your fast shipping and with this email. I’ll certainly check in from time to time. D.L, MD 12/22/08

I learned of your web site from my daughter who asked for the Glencairn glasses as a Christmas present. I’m not sure how she had found it, other than the fact that her mother’s father was a Scot and she’s quite proud of her Scottish heritage. She’s visited Scotland on two occasions, has taken bagpipe lessons, and hosts an annual celebration of Burns Night. She usually keeps abreast of web sites that she feels to be particularly interesting for one reason or another . . . yours was among them. It’s been a great pleasure to do business with you and I deeply appreciate the prompt attention and speed with which you shipped my order . . . I hope we may have the opportunity for repeated business at some time in the future. W.W., WI 12/20/08

I had found the Glencairn Glasses at The Wine Enthusiast website but thought they were too expensive so I researched them and found your website. Your glasses are $20 cheaper! I have no interest in whiskey since these are a gift but my parents are from Ireland so I found the Celtic aspect of your company interesting. Thanks again for all your help and have a great holiday! E.B., NY 12/20/08

I got the glasses today. Thanks for the wonderful service. I don’t remember exactly where I learned of your website, but it might have been I just posted there with your link and recommendation. S.S., AZ 12/13/08

Thank you for your kind and thoughtful note. Personal “attention” from a web site business is very rare these days – it looks like you’ve found a way to set yourselves apart from the crowds of Internet businesses.I found you from a Google search after I saw a company in Canada selling the same Glencairn glasses for much more. Can’t remember their name any more. If I get a chance to snap a photo of dad sipping his coveted single malt, I’ll forward it. And I’m crossing my fingers in hopes my girls take my suggestion for a Christmas gift. If they don’t, I’ll be ordering some glasses meself. J.M., SC 12/12/08

Good morning, and thank you for processing my order so quickly. I had purchased a set of Glencairn glasses some time ago at Sam’s Wine in Chicago. I wanted to pick up a couple of sets for friends with whom I have tasted, so I did a Google search and found your site. I liked what I saw, so I ordered from you folks. J.M., OH 12/9/08

Thanks for the quick shipment and information. It is not too often that you get a personal message from a internet purchase. I learned about your site from googling “scotch whiskey glasses”. My wife was wanting to give me some glasses to go with my office that we redecorated recently and I have a cabinet with my scotch and bourbon that needed some more appropriate glassware. I was trying to find the best glasses to go with single malts and your site came up. I liked the look of the glass especially the wide sturdy look to the base. I am looking forward to trying them and probably won’t wait until Christmas to do so! Thanks again for the message and I will be looking in at your site from time to time as well as sharing the link with my friends. C.S., IN 12/9/08

The glass is a Christmas gift for my whiskey-loving best friend, I will try to get a picture of him drinking from it! I was actually researching the glass when I read a blog by the Scotch Chix (, and after their glowing review of your company and the Glencairn glass, I went straight to your website and ordered. Thanks for the prompt shipping! I’ll be back. 🙂 S.M., MI 12/5/08

Thank you for your time and the information. I’m giving the glassware and some fine Scotch to my son-in-law as Holiday gifts but will try to forward some photos when he uses them (hope I’m invited). Thanks for your answers to my questions. I’m extremely glad to hear that you are busy! Your friendly communications and exceptional customer service is a welcome breath of fresh air!!! The reason for your success is quite clear. S.G., MO 12/5/08

Hello & thanks for the very nice email. My husband and I did a driving tour of the Scottish Highlands this past September for our 23rd wedding anniversary and fell in love with the region, the whisky and its wonderful people. We are planning another trip for our next anniversary in 2009 with two of our close friends. On this last trip, we toured several distilleries and purchased a couple of Glencairn Whisky glasses. Sadly, one was accidentally broken and so for Christmas, I thought I would replace the broken one and add a couple more to the collection for my husband. I just happened to find your wonderful website online and decided to purchase through you. G.V., WA 12/1/08

I’ve always been a single malt drinker, but of late have discovered some wonderful small batch bourbons, ryes, and pure wheats that come out beautifully in your glasses. Your service has been great and I enjoy your very homey website. And, offering the set of four glasses at $10+ less than the “Wine Enthusiast” and others, how can anyone not order from the CobhthaighMates?! J.D., NJ 11/22/08

I was searching Amazon for a Riedel whiskey glass to give as a gift. One reviewer criticized the product as being over rated, light weight, and uncomfortable. He recommended the Glencairn glass. I did a google search and found your site. I liked that you offered paypal, gift wrapping and a gift set package. Dr Mac…. will enjoy his Christmas gift. R.K., AL 11/11/08

I just got my email telling me I’d be getting my 12 glencairn glasses by Oct 21.
THANK YOU for getting them out so quickly. The glasses will be a perfect gift for our guests to remember the night. Thanks for your great service and lovely products. E.R.,WA 10/16/08

My husband, along with my 4 sisters’ husbands have formed a “scotch club”, called BILK – Brothers-in-law-club. The main activity seems to be buying expensive bottles of scotch and taste testing every time we get together. They have always used the Reidel glasses but it seemed one or two were broken at each visit. Grant, the true Scottish born, brother-in-law found this new glass he had received in a gift set and proclaimed it to be a much better glass to enjoy the scotch in. So I decided this would be a good Christmas gift for the club members. After googling, your website was the most interesting plus you had the best prices. I am considering buying my husband the glass caddy to bring to football games and on vacation. It really seems like a cool thing to have. Again, thanks for the quick shipment plus the shipping rebate. I’m sure we will be back to your site in the future. J.W., Il 10/13/08

I definitely plan on returning in the future; the “Scottish Thistle” glass alone is enough to practically guarantee that. T.M., PA 10/4/08

While they are great for Whisky – I’ve found I also prefer them for Cognac. B.R., NY 10/10/08

Thanks very much for the helpful info. It’s very rare these days to see this kind of customer service, its very much appreciated. I cant remember where exactly I first saw a reference to your webpage, it might have been through a google search where your webpage came up (I always try and use individual businesses if at all possible so ill skip past amazon, etc.), but I also saw several very positive reviews on several whiskey/scotch blogs that came up in a separate search I ran trying to decide which type of glass to buy. One that was extremely detailed and positive was from “Scotch Chix” who had made a point to note the great experience she had with her order. With word of mouth like those I couldn’t see ordering the glasses from anyone else. B.W. 10/1/08

B.S. and B. K., OH…enjoying a tasting of single malt scotch from Glencairn Whisky Glasses in a taste test using Reidel scotch glasses. The Glencairn Whisky Glasses won the test hands down! Thank you for the immediate delivery after I ordered. I am very satisfied with the glasses and I will be ordering more. I am confident you will receive several other orders from our friends! B.S., OH 9/16/08

…Thankfully everything was in perfect condition, except the shipping box. Somebody dropped it and I was certain that some of the glasses would’ve been broken but not so. I’m greatly relieved that they arrived w/o a scratch. Thanks again for taking the time and effort in the packaging. Satisfied Repeat Customer T.P., VA 9/4/08

I believe it was an article on the perfect whisky glass. You were listed as the best source for buying Glencairn in the US. Although it might have been in the blog comments following the article…you know how you just start clicking and suddenly you find what you’re looking for! Thanks! A.V., OR 8/24/08

I did notice your Iona jug — and ordered one! And I have been to Iona, so just the name brought up good memories. The glasses and jug are to be part of a wedding present for friends — then I need to order some for my own home (and Burns’ Night Supper).Thanks, B. W., WI 7/17/08

I just wanted to let you know that my order arrived safe and sound. I am a happy camper and will be a repeat customer. Wilson Phillips 6/19/08

You guys have shown me customer service that sets a new level. This is really turning out to be fun! If it’s not too late to get the book added to the order, please do. (Instant Expert’s Guide to Single Malt Scotch- Kevin Erskine- Scotch Blog ). F. O., VT 4/30/08

Looking forward to the glasses. Been drinking my scotch from a set of POM juice containers that are completely unfit for scotch consumption! 🙂 B.H., AL 1/1/08

Through some friends, I recently started tasting single malts. I asked around for what is the proper glassware for this, and I got many answers. Not feeling satisfied. I started researching on the web using Google. I discovered several blogs including one called “The Scotch Blog”. I think there might have been another but no longer remember. Anyway, once I learned about the Glencairn glass I decided that was just the ticket for me. Your site was mentioned on that blog I believe. B.B., OH 1/9/08